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Comfort your community with


A holiday ministry program to help people who are grieving a death


A powerful resource for grief ministry

“We decided to host Surviving the Holidays because of the great need of so many to find hope. It was an incredible outreach.”

Melodie, GriefShare leader

GriefShare Surviving The Holidays Kit

What is Surviving the Holidays? 

2-hour supportive holiday event

For people who’ve lost a loved one, the Thanksgiving and Christmas season can be bleak. This lay-led event offers coping tools and support for grieving congregation members and people in your community.

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New! 2023 edition with timely insights

Easy for lay leaders to host

Easy for lay leaders to host

35-minute video seminar

35-minute video seminar


Counsel from trusted Christian experts


Can be offered in person or online


Leader’s guide and coaching support


Vital support. Powerful community outreach.

“We had 17 in attendance, and 7 were not from our church. It was very rewarding for all in attendance. Many said they would be back with us in January.”

Steve, GriefShare leader

What to expect


Give people the tools they need  

Help them navigate the pain

The holidays present unique challenges for people who are grieving. With Surviving the Holidays, you can provide support, understanding, and the tools to navigate through it.

“Should I hang his stocking even though he’s not here anymore?”
“I just want to hibernate through this season, but I keep being invited to events.”
“She always decorated the tree. I just can’t bring myself to put one up this year.”

How Surviving the Holidays works

Everything you need to host an event

Powerful video 

Show a 35-minute video (on DVD or online), filled with practical counsel and tips

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Small-group discussion

Use the provided questions to facilitate a supportive time of sharing

Survival Guide

Give to event attendees; includes encouraging tips, valuable tools, and Scripture

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Leader training

A complete leader’s guide, access to ministry coaches, and online resources

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Expand your outreach

Draws people to the church

Pastors share that people come to Surviving the Holidays who might never set foot in a church otherwise. It’s a way to offer church holiday grief counseling to multiple people—and to build an existing GriefShare ministry.

“People love being validated that the holiday difficulties are not unique to them, that there is a community of people who understand.”

Mel, GriefShare leader


Answer the call


Your church can be a place of comfort for people who are walking through grief this season. 

Get started today!

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